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About Us

P.N. Muthoka & Co. Advocates was established with a view to diversify, grow and build the legal jurisprudence congenital to personal needs and challenges. To achieve its objective the firm has resolved to use technology to tackle its clients’ litigation issues both effectively and efficiently. The law firm is dedicated to provide clients with creative strategies, careful planning, effective case management and fierce advocacy.

The firm was constituted with a vision “to be a catalyst in the creation of a balanced society by ensuring that Justice is served unhindered, expeditiously & efficiently”. In providing legal services, our law firm is committed to demonstrating excellence and integrity so as to ensure that clients requirements and demands are fully satisfied. Accordingly, to achieve its purpose and vision, P.N. Muthoka & Co. Advocates incorporates a team of highly qualified and dynamic staff members in vogue with the new face of legal practice that is in line with today’s legal requirements.

The firm’s legal advisers are enriched through training and experience to interpret law, provide legal opinions and solutions; and to expect and manage change. We are quick to respond to matters raised by our clients and strive to ensure that we exhaustively complete matters entrusted to us within the set timelines.


In its task to attain its vision through partnership and networking, P.N. Muthoka & Co. Advocates embraces an internal culture of loyalty, motivation, commitment and excellence. We believe that our members should have a progressive attitude and a sober mind in undertaking every personal and business venture while interacting with clients. Consequently, we perfect our skills through inner self-confidence in teamwork and allied partnerships..

We help people in solving legal issues

 P.N. Muthoka & Co. Advocates is the “go-to” counsel for all your Personal & business legal needs

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