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Managing Partner


BAL, MBA, LLB (2013), LLM, Dip. Law

Advocate of the High Court of Kenya.


Mr. Paul Muthoka is the founder and managing partner at P.N. Muthoka & Company Advocates. He is a dedicated and committed attorney, who finds great satisfaction in providing solutions to clients’ legal queries, issues and demands. Mr. Muthoka is an excellent negotiator who gets the Job done. He is reliable, trustworthy and has a charismatic personality. He believes and walks the mantra that all is possible when our minds and hearts are committed to achieving noble objectives.

Mr. Muthoka majorly draws his strength and wisdom from Holy Ordinances and Precepts found in scripture and from the oasis of knowledge that accrues from his interactions with life’s daily experiences. These enable him to integrate his life with the intricacies of legal practice for a wholistic experience.

Mr. Muthoka believes that for life to have a greater meaning and purpose, the Laws of God must reign supreme over the Laws of Men. For this reason, he advocates for a well-balanced approach of the two Laws; by accepting the values learnt from life’s many and varied experiences and by his endeavoring to apply statute law and the Constitution justly and fairly to all in his legal practice.


Law Society of Kenya.


Corporate and Commercial, Banking and Finance, Insurance, International Trade and Investment, Intellectual Property, Arbitration, Mediation and Conciliation, Civil and Criminal Litigation, Employment and Labour Relations Disputes, Family Law, Debt Recovery, Real Estate and Conveyancing and Legal Opinions..


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